Why Sublimation Printing Technique is Better

Why Sublimation Printing Technique is Better

  • By: Innovative Business Corporation
  • Fri Apr 03, 2020
Why Sublimation Printing Technique is Better

The sublimation printing technique is a revolutionary printing method. It can be done on a variety of surfaces including apparels, textiles, vinyl, ceramics, plastic etc. We at Innovative Business Corporation have been manufacturing sublimation products for years and get counted among the leading sublimation products manufacturers and suppliers in India. Our products include T-shirts, coffee mugs, cushions, pillows, bedsheets, bags etc. So, being the experts of sublimation printing, we will introduce and tell about the benefits of that technique.

What is Sublimation Printing: 

Sublimation printing is also known as dye sublimation printing. In this printing technique, transferring of the image is done onto the desired item. It involves sublimation ink and a printer which prints the desired illustration onto sublimation transfer paper. And this sublimation paper is further used to transfer the sublimation ink onto the given product. In this way, you get your favourite image/illustration printed on the desired product and customize it. 

What are the Advantages of Sublimation Printing

As the experts of sublimation printing technique, we are going to tell and elaborate some awesome advantages of sublimation printing. Refer the following list of benefits compiled by us. 

Printing can be done on a variety of materials: This printing technique can be done not only on apparels but on a variety of other substances. Some significant materials suitable for that technique are polymer, polyester, ceramic, PVC, polycotton textiles etc.

Environment-friendly: This printing technique is good from nature's perspective as it produces minimal waste. It doesn’t require water and also the materials involved in that process are safe to use for humans. 

Finest Image Quality: This is one of the main reasons for the huge popularity of sublimation printing methods in modern times. It produces sharp and precise images which don’t fade over a significant period and even sustains many washing-cycles. 

Versatility and Smooth-finishing: It allows full-coloured transfers and its fine-precision in printing gives optimum exposure to each colour component. All these factors related to sublimation printing makes it a preferred technique for getting a sharp and precise print.

Fast and Economical Processing: We can generate bulk amounts of sublimation printing with ease due to fast-processing time. It doesn’t require much time and the sublimation product becomes deliverable promptly. This speciality also makes it a more economical choice over other printing techniques.

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