Sublimation Paper in Gajapati

Sublimation Paper in Gajapati

Innovative Business Corporation Sublimation printing technique is one of the most popular printing techniques of modern times. The specialized Sublimation paper and ink are the crucial elements required in that printing technique. Avail the premium quality paper from Innovative Business Corporation, we are one of the most-sought after sublimation paper manufacturers in Gajapati.

Best-Quality Paper

We offer the best quality paper for T-shirt and apparel printing by sublimation printing method. Our expertise and experience in custom printing has given us an edge to create efficient paper which ensures smooth and precise image printing on the given surface. 

Reliable Suppliers of Sublimation Sheets in Gajapati

Innovative Business Corporation manufactures any product with a quality-oriented approach. We follow stringent manufacturing processes to attain the desired quality level with ease. Such a dedication for delivering best quality paper has made us one of the most sought-after and the best sublimation paper suppliers in Gajapati.

Sublimation Ink

Innovative Business Corporation is one of the largest sublimation ink manufacturers in Gajapati. Our constant assessment in our manufacturing process ...

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Heat Transfer Paper

This paper is a must for accomplishing the heat transfer printing on the apparel, accessories and gifts. Ensure the best quality image printing by ava...

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Dark Fabric Paper

Dark fabric paper is a unique type of transfer paper because it is widely used while making dark colored T-shirts. Enjoy that flexibility by availing ...

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